#LLSP - Live for a Living Sponsorship Program

Holly  , one of our #LLSP athletes, completing her first half-marathon at the North Face Endurance Challenge. Of course, with a smile on her face, as usual. 

Holly, one of our #LLSP athletes, completing her first half-marathon at the North Face Endurance Challenge. Of course, with a smile on her face, as usual. 


Want to Change your Life?

Have you ever wanted to run a Spartan Race, but didn't think you could afford it? Or, maybe you just need a little push to get started. Accountability, maybe? Would you like to try something new? Run an ultramarathon? a 10K or a 100 miles? Experience something completely different?

#LLSP is looking for a few deserving individuals who are interested in doing something exciting, new, and different in their lives, and letting us sponsor the effort. People who truly embody the Live for a Living spirit.

We believe in the power of personal challenges. There is no better way to learn what you are truly made of than participating in challenging endurance events. You will meet new people, test yourself in new ways, and gain some powerful self-confidence to carry into your everyday life.

Maybe it's your your first 5K, your first Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or your first ultramarathon, GORUCK Challenge, SUP race, etc... Any athletic challenge will be considered, just make sure you are challenging yourself.

Convince us you are deserving, and we'll pay your entry fee.


Buy a T-Shirt, support dreams

When you order one of our high-quality, super soft and comfy t-shirts, all the profit is applied to the Live for a Living Sponsorship Program (#LLSP). What does that mean? That means that someone who would like the opportunity to experience something new and different in their life, but may not be able to afford it, can. Currently, we are supporting deserving individuals with event entry sponsorship for events like Spartan Race, GORUCK, trail races, ultramarathons, or even someone's first 5K. These kind of events have proven to change lives, and that's the goal of Live for a Living, changing lives.

A Note from #LLSP Program Designer, Lindsay Luna

"I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to make my visions come to life. Lately, I have noticed one thing preventing people from doing something different or accomplishing their goals is financial limitation - I want to change that.

Partnering with Christian, I am creating a sponsorship program to make sure people have an opportunity to kick-start their dreams, on our dime. I don’t know how many times I have seen friends pass up on potentially life-changing events because they were afraid, couldn't afford it, or simply didn't think they could do it.. I've been there too, scared to chase my dreams because of overwhelming fears, circumstances, or obligations.

In walks #LLSP, the Live for a Living Sponsorship Program.  I’m committed to creating a marketplace where people can wear the Live for a Living brand, with the knowledge that the money spent will go directly to sponsoring others to have a chance to live their dreams.

This is not just a statement of intent. When purchasing any of our t-shirts and other apparel, you’ll be notified of athletes we are sponsoring so that you may share in their experiences, along the way, that you helped create."

-- Lindsay Luna, Director of Operations

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