Live for a Living is a company built on a philosophy.

An idea that we can achieve greater life fulfillment when we follow our passions and put people and experiences first.



We focus on people.

People. The lost currency of today's culture. Live for a Living strives to put people, relationships, and life experiences ahead of money.

The more you pour your time, concern, and general care into others, the more people trust and want to be around you. The net effect of such is a broader, more intimate network of people helping people, be that via business, athletics, emotional support, inspiration, motivation, or any number of personal needs.


We play like children.

Some of us have forgotten the importance of physical play in our lives. Current culture has us glued to our phones, tablets, laptops and desktops; and the idea of getting outside and experiencing life is becoming foreign to some.

There should be no such thing as play vs. work. The Live for a Living philosophy contends that to do your very best work, you must have ample play in your day to flush out stale thoughts, worry, frustration, and general angst.


We work hard.

No, really, we do. We are communicators. Our experience - over 25 years buried deep in the trenches of brand-building, marketing, and advertising. How well we do it, makes or breaks our ability to survive and grow the Live for a Living concept.

Our breadth is our strength:

Live for a Living In Motion

What does living for a living actually look like? We get this a lot, and we can try to explain it, or we can just show you examples. Take a look at some of these #liveforaliving projects, and we think it will all begin to make more sense.

Inspiring Others to Think Differently

August 2017: We jetted off to Lisbon, Portugal, to participate in a beta program for entrepreneurs, tech startups, and new world thinkers, all dedicated to changing the world in some way.


Chipping Away at Child Abuse

March 15, 2018: In association with multi-national charity Help For Children, my goal is to run 3000 miles across the USA to raise $1 million to prevent and treat child abuse. #run2heal


How Much Can You Endure?

I enjoy grueling physical contests. Some say, I like to suffer; but, not even 100-mile mountain footraces, obstacle course racing, survival run events, long-distance stand up paddling, or even a special affinity for events patterned after military and special operations training.could adequately prepare me for The Selection: Special Operations Experiment. This A&E, History Channel, reality documentary put 40 athletes from around the United States through some of the most difficult challenges, exercises, and movements thrown at real candidates during real military special forces selection, to see if they had what it takes to complete it. After 12 days of pure Hell, I am proud to say that I was one of four finishers, and the oldest participant, 13 years older than the next oldest finisher. A five-star rated series, The Selection aired for 8-episodes in 2017, culminating in a pretty dramatic finish. Watch on Amazon, or on demand with your local cable provider.



Christian Griffith

Christian is not a fan of routine. Not a fan of status quo, unfounded expectation, nor our current culture's drive for money, power, and material possessions.

Once upon a time, life was very different for dude. The big house, cars by Infiniti, private schools, and a housekeeper. Fancy job, in a fancy office, with a fancy title; but none of it made dude happy.

What drove Christian was the wild, unique, and yea, sometimes extreme experiences in which he was constantly chasing. The people he met became his excitement. The experiences, his life currency. His goal, to inspire others to see the same.

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Lindsay Luna
Director of Operations, Queen of Kindness

Lindsay spreads sunshine. Her goal is empowering people to be better. Whether that is better to each other, or the often forgotten, better to themselves. As Director of Operations, Lindsay drives much of the idea implementation, and is sole designer of the #LIVEFORALIVING Sponsorship program.

As someone who has experienced some deep and traumatic life events, inspiring and motivating other women has become a key focus for Lindsay. Using tools based on a combination of fitness training, life coaching, and experience-sharing, she brings a unique flavor for the females looking to experience living for a living.

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"Standing at death's door changed me forever."

-- Christian Griffith, Founder, Live for a Living


Suffering through Survival Run Nicaragua on Isle de Ometepe, a volcanic island in Nicaragua.

Suffering through Survival Run Nicaragua on Isle de Ometepe, a volcanic island in Nicaragua.

It's October 29, 2015, and I'm uncomfortably awaiting the season 6 premiere of Animal Planet's MONSTERS INSIDE ME. The show was telling the story of "Arthur," the little amoeba that entered my body, ate through the walls of my intestines, set up shop on my liver, and tried to kill me


The amoeba was called Entamoeba Histolytica. Stands for "Tissue eating amoeba." You can click the link and read really scary, geeky science stuff, or you can trust me when I tell you that it was eating me, killing me, and rapidly growing inside of me.

"This was the largest liver abscess I have ever seen in my career," said Dr. Blass, Infectious Disease, Emory St. Joesph's Hospital.

"This was the largest liver abscess I have ever seen in my career," said Dr. Blass, Infectious Disease, Emory St. Joesph's Hospital.

I thought I was going to die.

Like, real death. Everything goes black, death. The real thing.

That's all it took.

"Dude, you almost &*^%* Died!"

It's always been a reality I just never accepted; and while that was great for my athletic comeback and seemingly medical miracle stories, it was not good for me. As the effects of the physical damage faded away through personal diligence and training, so did the mental and emotional awakening that I'd hoped would spark real change..

It never actually faded away, just pushed down. Neglected, sorta.

It took me seeing myself on national television, crying, and telling myself, back to myself, "Dude, you almost &*^%* died!"

I had been kicking around the idea of serious change for a long time before finally committing on October 29, 2015, but I was always scared to pull the trigger. Always seeking that "right time," until I realized the right time is when you make it the right time.

I quit my 9-5 job two days later.

I've decided to LIVE FOR A LIVING.