Help for Children

Also referred to as Hedge Funds Care, Help for Children [HFC] is global non-profit organization with the goal of raising money for the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Backed by some of the heavy-hitters in the financial industry, HFC operates in seven countries providing grants to the most effective and efficient child abuse prevention and treatment interventions, making the world a safer place for children.



As a victim of childhood sexual abuse in my early teens, the scars of exposure to this kind of sexuality colored every relationship I ever had later in life, leaving me with embarrassing, unhealthy, and deviant behaviors improved only through intense therapy and treatment.
— Christian Griffith, Founder, Live for a Living

Ambassadors for the Fight Against Childhood Abuse


Christian's Story

I've never seen someone branded as a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Nothing stamped on their forehead, nor plastered on a t-shirt, but since breaking my 30 year silence regarding my own abuse, and sharing my experiences with thousands of other people, I have learned, first-hand, just how important organizations like Help for Childhood can be for those who have either been victimized, or better yet, prevent the abuse from happening in the first place. This is my story.

HFC Launches in the Bvi

"What an amazing feat! Thank you, Christian Griffith, for partnering with HFC and tackling the 2017 Tortola Torture at 13,000 feet of elevation over 54km to celebrate the launch of HFC BVI. HFC greatly appreciates you using your platform and personal story of abuse to focus attention on how we can continue to effectively address the complex issues around child abuse and neglect."

- Renee Skolaski, Executive Director/CEO, Help for Children