#LLSP Sponsored Athletes

We love inspiring stories. A big part of the Live for a Living approach is overcoming and adapting to the circumstances, choices, and current conditions of one's life. The athletes you will learn about below are true examples of this approach. Each #LLSP applicant was accepted because not only do they have a great story, but they truly embody the Live for a Living spirit by possessing the desire to inspire others.

We sponsor people with great stories who want to do cool stuff. Know someone? Is it you?


Bryce Carlson

"I learn something from each adventure, about myself and the world around me. The kind of knowledge you can’t just read about in a book. And the pursuit of those adventures and that kind of knowledge has become a bit addictive"

Chris .jpeg

Chris Jonson

"I hope to challenge [my daughters] and inspire them to be successful even when there aren't immediate results. The same story is true with my students."


Jessica Ibsen

"My finances have become very limited. Part of the reason I run is to set an example to my two children. They have seen me face several hurdles and fight and claw my way to the finish."

Maria LLSP.jpg

Maria Deligiannis 

"I really don't like to start off with this description because I don't believe it's what defines who I am, but it is certainly the reason why I find myself here, doing this, at this very moment. I am a 31-year old widow."

Joshua Alger

"Unfortunately around Thanksgiving of last year my mother passed away in a paragliding accident. It was really tough to deal with and it has been a little bit of a struggle getting back into flying without her."


Britt simmerman

"I think people are truly fearful of failure, and I fall very squarely into that category. As a leader, I've been looked to for guidance on how to succeed, how to achieve, and how to win, but just as important is how to conquer fear."


Leslie Denton

"I live in an area where there's not a lot to do and inspiration is hard to find. I want to help students that come through my classroom, realize that they can rise above their circumstances..."

Danny Stokes

"...I have never done a free-fall jump. As a runner, I have completed numerous marathons, but never any distance greater than 26.2 miles..."

Amy Brooks

We have a soft spot for Moms working to raise their children in a healthy environment. Amy is challenging herself in the one of strongest ways possible...

christian spartan-2.jpg

Christian Banda

Christian has Parkinson's. Experiencing symptoms at the age of 31, and later diagnosed a few years later, Christian could have easily given up. But he didn't. Check out his full story, and get inspired.

"Blind Pete"

How does Blind embody the #liveforaliving spirit? Having completed Warrior Dash, Savage Race, Spartan Races, & World's Toughest Mudder, "Blind Pete" isn't going to let a lack of eyesight get in his way.

Jill Bates

A common theme on #LLSP sponsorship request applications is weight loss; but there is "weight loss" and there is "dramatic weight loss."


Erin Barttelt

Hell yeah! A firefighter. A FEMALE fire fighter. Read Erin's profile and you, too, will be "rah-rah"ing for this driven firefighter. Erin embodies the Live for a Living philosophy in so many ways.


Holly oswald

Let's be honest, Holly doesn't love running. More of a strength athlete, Holly began adapting her training with more running, putting in the work, and building up to 15 miles a week.


Lucas Rivera

Lucas wants to run 200 miles. But that's not why we chose Lucas for #LLSP. We chose Lucas because he oozes commitment. He is refreshingly simple in focus and we believe in him as much as he does himself.


mike russell

We accepted Mike as an #LLSP sponsored athlete purely because we were inspired by his willingness to admit that he needed the public accountability to help him stay on track. We often say, "it takes a village," and this is a perfect example.


Mel Barkalow

Mel is a very first, official #LLSP sponsored athlete, and was chosen because of her intense drive, determination, and focus. She has a great story and loves to motivate others in so many ways. It doesn't hurt that she is also a law enforcement officer.


Tara lind

Tara has lost more weight in one year than many have in a lifetime. Over 140 lbs! Tara has a goal of completing a Spartan Race in 2017 and actively training to make that goal come true.