The Selection: Special Operations Experiment

What happens when you take 30 athletes, from various disciplines, and put them through the mental, physical, and emotional training of elite military special operations units?

Find out tonight at 10:00 p.m. on History Channel during the premiere of THE SELECTION: Special Operations Experiment. Live for a Living founder, Christian Griffith, is one of the 30 participants and promises a unique watching experience.

"While I can't say too much about what we went through, I can promise you that is was far more intense than I could have ever imagined, and the experience has profoundly changed me as a person."

Instructing the 30 civilian participants are six of the finest combat veterans that range across various U.S. Special Operations units including: Veteran Navy SEALs Marcus Capone, Ray Care and Sean Haggerty; veteran Special Forces Green Berets Donnie Bowen and Bert Kuntz, and veteran Army Ranger Tyler Grey.

“The Selection: Special Operations Experiment” is a project by executive producer, Peter Berg (Lone Survivor) and his unscripted shingle Film 45 and Bunim/Murray Productions.