Shunning Security

From the get-go, LIVE FOR A LIVING was meant to be more than just a hashtag.  It's about throwing caution to the wind. It's about stomping out fear of change or judgment, and living the way we want to live.

LIVE FOR A LIVING is about wealth through experiences. The positive vibe. Inspiration. Encouragement.

I have found that chasing money and career status has never fulfilled me and material things carry very little value in my life. The greatest fulfillment in my life has come from the places I've been, the people I've met, and the variety of experiences I've encountered throughout my life.

I believe in it so much, I've decided to dedicate my entire life to living for a living. To prove that one can chase his raw dreams for pure happiness doing exactly what he or she truly loves, and still get by in this world, despite what a majority of society will tell you. 

Going out on my own. Defining my own career

I have no idea what's around the corner. I have no idea what I will do next. I only know that I will only work for people and causes I believe in, nothing more.

Example: GORUCK. I love GORUCK, and believe in the company's products, missions, events, and people. And, while I cannot serve GORUCK in the full-time capacity in which I had originally intended, my love and dedication to the brand and the people make it a no-brainier for me to include in my digital marketing portfolio. It's up to GORUCK to decide if they see value in me.

I will never work just to have "a job." Never. I'd rather be homeless, but living life by my own rules and definitions.

Reckless? Maybe. But, the calling is so strong, I can no longer fight it.

I will keep my skills sharp, continuing to work my craft as digital strategist, but will also branch out to other ways of earning an honest wage that are unfamiliar to me such as labor jobs and serving others. I want to experience life from all angles, without preference to wealth, race, age, religion, sex, or whatever.

Go big or go home

I can promise you this: I will work with some cool people, and I will achieve some great things. Professionally, I will attack personally-chosen projects with intensity, and socially, I will chase huge dreams and bucket list adventures. I will run across this great country of ours. I will participate in challenging physical events all over the world. I will skate, surf, train, climb, pedal, paddle, run, walk, hike, crawl, and experience life through movement while meeting new, unique and interesting people.

I will document the entire thing via social media and this website. No fear. No apprehensions. Just a belief in people, relationships, and life experiences.

And so it begins...