Have You Heard of Digital Nomads?

Back in 1998, I was interviewed by Lynn Lamousin, freelance writer and early-adopter in the tech space, for a magazine called Atlanta Citymag. I had gained some local popularity writing a very wide-open, online diary called phatz.com - this, of course, was back before 'blogging' was a thing. We just called them, "online diaries."

If you want, you can even take a look at the intro for my website back in 1998. Yup, I was a Flash guy. You should get a good laugh out of it.

The point is, throughout my career, I have consistently found myself on the cutting edge of creative ideas and new ways of doing things, usually in an effort to upset the status quo.

Digital Nomads

When I left the 9-5 world of structured days, one-hour lunches, vacation time, and office drama, my goal for Live for a Living was rooted in one, simple idea - "work in the way the suits me best, and I will do my best work."

For me, this means working in spurts, then playing in spurts whether that's riding my beach cruiser for two hours, climbing a rock wall, catching some surf at the pier, land paddling down 3rd street, ...whatever. It can be any number of things, but for me to do my best work, I must focus. To focus, I must be fatigued. That's just me.

Oh, and I don't really like to be nailed down to one office, one city, one state, or even one country while I work. This is a big world and I want to explore it. Furthermore, I have found that travelling actually makes me better educated, more tolerant, and my mind wide open.

There is now a term for this - digital nomads.

NomadX Embraces the Movement

Since returning from Lisbon, Portugal, I have been struggling to explain to people what my experience as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at NomadX was all about. When you are doing something so new and so radical with an institution that most people tend to understand in only one way, it makes for confusing conversation.

But I'm going to try:

NomadX is built on the concept of live/work/play balance, with a built-in flexibility to upset this balance as often as necessary. This new way of living empowers individuals to be better versions of themselves and encourages open sharing, collaboration, idea generation, friendship, mutual respect, and a general sense of well-being and contentment. It's living to your own beat, eliminating the angst of living by others' beats and freeing you to get more enjoyment out of every day of your life.

Like that? I do. But in case you need more, I documented all 15 days of my live/work/play experience with NomadX. Maybe through these posts, it will all begin to make more sense.

15 Days of NomadX

Make sense, yet? let me know your thoughts at christian@liveforaliving.com