Bridging the Gap

Earlier this year Live for a Living engaged with Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary, working with animals can be more rewarding. Managing their social media has been a lot of fun. But, I had no idea how much I was going to learn about animals, particularly animal cruelty, and the importance of having “retirement homes” for lions, and tigers, and leopards, oh my! 


For close to four years I’ve been involved with GORUCK, they run endurance events patterned after special forces to teach team building and leadership. They offer events ranging from a twenty-four hour heavy to a twelve hour challenge to a six hour light, and a few other various events in between. The crazy people go for the full HTL experience, where you stack events back-to-back-to-back. During my own HTL I realized how far I really could push myself. And the people you’ll meet through your events are, honest to God, some of the best humans you’ll ever meet.

At their events, GORUCK requires a service component. When I heard about this, and knew there was an HTL in Jax Beach right around the corner, I knew GORUCK participants would be ever so happy to support such an incredible organization. As quickly as possible a live doc was created to donate items that are regularly needed around the ranch, and we asked for monetary donations as well.

Constantly BLOWN away by the generosity of the community. Together the GORUCK Heavy class 185, Tough class 2307, and Light class 1588 donated a stack of goods needed around the Ranch!

In addition to all the goods (*rucks excluded) the participants raised $900! Which means they have officially ADOPTED four new four legged friends, and donated the additional hundred dollars to help the Ranch! Your new four legged friends are Hercules, Freddy, Chula, and Skywalker!

GORUCK Heavy class 185, meet Hercules, the White Siberian Tiger! 

GORUCK Tough class 2307, meet Freddy, the African Lion!

GORUCK Light class 1588, meet Chula, the Marbled Fox!

GORUCK HTL, meet Skywalker, the Black Asian Spotted Leopard! 

Lions, and tigers, and fitness!

If you’re in the Jax area and haven’t been to the Ranch, check them out! They offer tours and feedings, enrichment days, they’ll set up private group tours, or if you’re looking for a new place to volunteer, here’s your spot! While we're at it, give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

And, regardless of where you live, check out GORUCK's event schedule, there’s an event for every person regardless of your fitness level. And, if you have any questions of which event to start with - or how to train for it - we are always here to support your journey! 

Thank you, GRTs

My most sincere thank you to all the GRT’s, the Cadre, and Jason, for building the best community. An additional thank you to y’all for being so kind to a non-profit Christian and I feel so strongly about. Y’all are the knees of the bees, and should all be extremely proud of the blood, sweat, and tears you put into this past weekend! Please share this to show the power of the GRT community!

Lot of love,

Linds <3